Twitter is testing more diverse playback speed options for videos

Adjusting the playback speed of a video is considered as an important tool that can be used to save a lot of extra time in many cases. Many video sharing platforms, including the mega video sharing hub, YouTube, have allowed their users to control the speed at which they want to see the videos being posted on the respective platform.

Following the feature being given by other platforms to their respective users, Twitter has recently decided to give its users this tool as well. In a recent tweet posted by the platform itself, Twitter told its users that some new options that can manage the playback speed, such as "doubling the original speed" to "half the original speed" or maintaining the actual speed of the video, are currently under trial.

However the news is that the trial currently is restricted to Android users and their Android devices. Not only this, but the desktop version of the same application has also been selected as the first medium that will experience the upcoming new Twitter feature ahead of everyone else.

While talking about these new steps being taken by the media application itself, Joseph Nunez, the current spokesperson of the American micro-blog platform, Twitter, added that with the help of the new changes, users won’t just be able to maintain the speed, but they can also give rise to videos being posted or getting amplified. The media content being shared through the direct messages or via the voice notes can also be adjusted accordingly.

Though the update will be universal, iOS and Apple product users will have to wait a little longer because the application developers have not yet authorized these devices. The developers will make some final changes based on the feedback they will receive from the audience through the test run, and then the application will be officially updated globally for all types of devices, including Android, iOS, and the desktop version of Twitter.

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