YouTube now allows users to share normal videos with their kids via the YouTube kids account

YouTube has always been a platform where one can share whichever video they like with friends and family. Later, YouTube kids came in the front, designed specifically for kids where they can watch entertaining yet interesting stuff without deviating from the right path.

Now, we have been noticing another update on YouTube that’s related to both parents and their kids. If a user has linked a family Google account only then this update is beneficial. What usually happens is when a user selects an option of share or copy link several options appear including mail, WhatsApp, and messenger but now another option “with kids” will be there for users who have Google family accounts.

Upon selecting the option, a kid’s YouTube profile picture will appear for confirmation. The video link will be sent to the kid’s account. The kids can then open the link through browse or directly from their Google account. Apparently, tapping the link in an email will instantly bring the video up for them to view, and once they do, it will be saved in their history.

On safer internet day, the feature was decided to make the internet a safer and better place for kids as well as adolescents. Although, there is no news regarding the official statement as yet.

Parents can now allow their children to experience more diverse yet observable YouTube or almost everything on YouTube if they are of the appropriate age. But for underage children, it’s not good to expose them to the uncut YouTube world.

As the feature is still in the trial phase, nobody can set it up for now. Only a few have access to try out the feature and according to them, Google is all set to consider new methods to enable grown-ups to share intriguing movies with the children of their own choice. However, the type of video will be decided by parents or elders so, Google or YouTube has nothing to do with it.

It is expected that if the parents are allowed to share the video, then they are also allowed to cancel the access of their children to that particular video. Once the app is formally launched, parents can also share the entire channel if they find it interesting but that would happen later in the future.

For now, the feature is in the beta phase only for the Android operating system and it’s uncertain if this would be available for iOS too once it is rolled out. Overall, it will be a useful update for both parents and kids to explore YouTube together.

H/t: Chromeunboxed.
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