Now There's No Need To Worry About 2FA As Twitter is All Set To Make Your Account Safe

With the release of iOS 15, many Apple users are worried about their privacy and 2 Factor Authentication. It means that there's no need for any third-party apps because now your account is all protected by Twitter's privacy update for iOS.

This change will help a lot of users, especially the ones who never put 2FA, to begin with. Twitter has contributed with Apple to set up clear and easy steps to make users' accounts safer without requiring any third party's 2 Factor Authentication.

iOS Developer Kevin Archer said that Twitter is making people use their apple passwords for 2FA on Twitter. This will definitely mean that the user won't have to take an extra step to have a 2FA app as Twitter has introduced the 'Link App Now' button in its setting. Twitter says that it doesn't mean that users can't use another 2FA application as it can still be used to set up passwords. The difference resides in the fact that it just needs an extra step to do so.

iOS Developer said that if you don't have Twitter login saved on apple passwords, you can't set up 2 Factor Authentication code. If you use a third party, try to use an authentic app and then you have to add a QR code or extra password to add an extra bit of protection.

He suggested that they are trying to let people know that they can set up a 2FA code without using the apple password too. They are trying to extend this feature to Instagram and then Facebook(meta) too. Apple is also making it hard for people to sign in to other apps too. This was seen in Facebook and Instagram too when Apple ended the google sign in and pushed people to start using Apple's sign in. Now people may face difficulties in 2 Factor Authentication too but Twitter is trying to make it as simple as possible.

The users who have already set up their 2 Factor Authentication are safe for now. But the people who haven't done this, be ready to take an extra step to set up your 2 Factor Authentication.

Let's see what changes it will bring upon Apple and Apple users. Needless to say, Apple users might not be too happy because of this change.

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