LinkedIn is testing a new feature that allows users to turn off political content in the feed

Scrolling through a feed and get disturbed by political post is a big let down for many users. What if you do have a choice to turn off all the political stories from the timeline? That would be the best user experience one could ask for.

However, not all applications are in favor of doing so as it would highly affect the app’s engagement but here is the good news. LinkedIn has decided and trying out this option to let the users enjoy their time in a simple way by turning off all the posts and updates related to politics.

According to LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky, some US users have an access to the feature but it involves indicators from the users to pinpoint political posts and the LinkedIn’s editorial team will respond by deleting those posts from the timeline. Users will have the option to directly block certain political posts so they won’t show up in the future.

It's an intriguing experiment that might assist LinkedIn in increasing interactions between its 800 million members. Mostly, the political posts that tends to appear on the feed does not belong to LinkedIn instead there are political employees who own these posts. In this new option, such posts can also be deleted which in turn influence the brand’s reach.

That's an important point to keep in mind, as if sufficient people like to turn off political posts, it would greatly impact the platform’s audience and this is relevant to the criteria on which LinkedIn recognizes political posts in its automatic analysis.

Users can likely expect errors, but it's still a highly important experiment that could provide an example to other social media apps to set up their own settings regarding different subjects.

However, as previously stated, it is probable to be much more difficult to execute on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, as the politics is deeply rooted there and decides the app reach. One reason for that is they don’t prefer to restrict this subject as it will highly impact the usage of these apps. However, the risks related to the fake news might be higher on these apps to interfere in user interface as compared to LinkedIn.

As per Facebook, majority of feedbacks from the users involve request that they don’t prefer to watch political posts on their timeline. Facebook looked into this matter and promptly gives hope that it might as well release something equivalent to this feature of LinkedIn. But as mentioned earlier, introducing such an option on Facebook would significantly effect the target reach even more than on LinkedIn.

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