Enterprises Lag Behind MFA Usage Rates Despite Widespread Consumer Adoption

One of the most effective ways to make it so that a malicious actor wouldn’t be able to hack into any of your accounts used to be two factor authentication which basically made it so that you would have to input a code that you would receive on your registered phone number after you have entered your other log in details such as your username and password. Multi factor authentication is another example of this although it is basically the same thing with a few more steps added.

Adoption of two factor authentication among consumers has gone up in recent times. In 2017, only about 28% of users said that they utilized two factor authentication, and this climbed to 53% in 2019 and 78% in 2021. Chances are that virtually all consumers will be using some form of 2FA by 2023, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that enterprise level adoption rates are lagging behind the general trend.

One way to look at this is through checking out Microsoft Azure MFA adoption rates. Only about 22% of Microsoft customers that use this active directory have MFA enabled, something that is especially dangerous in this modern day and age wherein hackers are getting increasingly good at hacking accounts. There are various premade phishing kits that are designed to break through MFA which means that people that don’t even have this protective feature enabled are going to find it very difficult indeed to enjoy any reasonable level of security on their online accounts.

What’s more is that only about 38% of enterprises in general are using MFA. This is concerning during a period in time where ransomware is becoming rather widespread. The number of companies that are suffering from ransomware attacks has been increasing incessantly, and a lack of MFA is only going to make matters worse from here on out. Companies really need to do more to protect themselves from cyber attacks otherwise there will be almost no chance that these attacks will be kept at bay as attackers improve their methodologies and success rates.

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