Twitter has reached the $5 billion mark in revenue for 2021 by adding 6 million users in the 4th quarter of 2021, bosting 217 million mDAU

After the resignation of Jack Dorsey, the ex-CEO of Twitter, back in November 2021, it seemed like the platform might tremble to follow through on its goals. However, with the new CEO in position, things are going okay for the application.

So far, Twitter has been able to add another six million new users to its platform while increasing revenue by 22% year on year. Though the target is still far away, there are positive aspects to this trend.

The addition of six million users has brought the application to 217 million monetizable daily active users in Q4 2021. However, according to the statistical analysis, a major portion of the new users belong to the international community, whereas only one million users from the United States made it to the application over 2021. This trend has been going on since 2020, when the US reached thirty-six million users, and since that time, the momentum has not shown any significant change.

The reason why the application is concerned about this is because the United States is the major contributor to the revenue generated by Twitter. The application is trending in Asian countries such as India. However, these areas are marked as the lower earning territory.

On comparison with the loss of a million daily active users on Facebook in the United States and the declining chart of Pinterest usage, it can be inferred that the figure Twitter is holding is firm.

The current situation implies that a point has been reached where people may either get themselves aboard with an application or may not think of it. This calls for better options to generate revenue outside the US.

The application still needs another hundred million users to reach the target they had placed for 2023, which was planned under the ex-CEO of Twitter. When Dorsey stepped down, it became unclear if the platform was still holding up to their target. However, the recent statement given by the platform has made it clear that Twitter will keep working to achieve the goal they have planned.

Last year, Twitter was able to add eighteen million new users and still needs another ninety-eight million users in a two-year time period to reach a total of 315 million monetizable daily active users. The journey is not going to be an easy one for the application as the latest projects being introduced by the developers are more focused on generating revenue and not on user growth.

But the application surely knows how to boost user engagement through different projects such as Twitter Spaces. Another project that has been used to maximize user engagement is Topics. According to the application, a single topic is followed by over two hundred and eighty million accounts, and they hold more than fourteen thousand topics that can be followed in eleven different languages.

Lastly, with the help of e-commerce, Twitter is working to allow its platform to host live shopping events such as the one it hosted for Walmart, which gathered more than two million views.

So far, the growth the platform is showing is doing well. However, the application still has 2 years left to make up to their target, which is a big challenge for the new CEO. All that’s left to see is how the platform aims to reach its target figure.

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