Marketing AI is Most Useful in Emails, New Study Reveals

Artificial intelligence has a truly wide range of applications, and those that work in the field of marketing have found some especially notable uses for this type of tech. While some might consider AI to be far too cutting edge to be useful with something as old fashioned as email, a new study has revealed that one of the most effective ways to use AI in the field of marketing in particular involves using it to personalize emails that you are about to send out to customers.

The study we are referencing was conducted by Coresight Research and was published by Pasado. It is called AI-Powered Language: A New Era Of Enhanced Customer Engagement, and it involved a survey of marketing professionals and companies with respect to how they utilized AI to any extent. 77% of marketing professionals said that they use AI to personalize emails, and that makes it the most popular use for AI that the marketing field can currently take advantage of followed by AI Chatbots which 64% of respondents said that they use.

Another thing that the vast majority of marketing professionals appeared to agree on was the fact that advanced technology has become more important for their pursuits than ever before. 78.2% agreed that this was the case, with 44.2% citing facial and vocal recognition, 43% citing personalized channel experiences and 41.2% referring to natural language processing and how it could facilitate them creating much better content overall. Less than 7% of marketers seem to think that advanced tech is unimportant which makes them a minority by any metric.

74.5% of marketers felt that without AI, companies would not be able to sufficiently personalize an experience for their customers. This just goes to show how revolutionary AI is, and machine learning is also a big part of it according to 53.9% of respondents. 86.1% of marketing professionals are also using first party data to optimize their marketing campaigns which might be associated with the sheer lack of third party data that they can now use after Apple’s new policies which made users opt out of third party tracking by default.

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