Shop Safe Act is Passed to Avoid Fraudulent and Counterfeits In The Online Market

On Friday, the House Of Representatives passed a bill that stated that online marketplaces can fully police their market to avoid any type of fraud and counterfeits. It is termed Shop Safe and it provides great security to e-commerce platforms. Many online platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and many other websites like these will provide a trademark and will avoid any type of infringement when a third party intervenes. This bill was passed by COMPETES (America Creating Opportunities for Manufacturing, Pre-Eminence in Technology, and Economic Strength).

This act allows the consumer to have proper information about a seller and the goods before purchasing anything. When we talk about counterfeits, it is also discussed how they can put a consumer's life in danger. The buying and selling of goods happen continuously, but without proper monitoring and verification, it can cause serious harm to sellers as well as consumers. SHOP SAFE (Stopping Harmful Offers on Platforms by Screening Against Fakes in E-Commerce) may become a good criterion in regard to avoiding any fake or fraud users and the consumer can easily look for goods without being afraid of potential counterfeits.

Many reported that this act will cause more problems than any type of relief. Small businesses and sellers might go into economic disruption from this procedure because they don't have many resources to support it. Some said that the Shop Safe act should be removed altogether because even though it's for a good cause it can turn small businesses to dust and this can result in a major crisis.

The Shop Safe also asks for full identification of the seller and the seller has to fulfill many requirements in order to make their selling secure. But this may turn awful for small sellers as they don't have it in them to be up to all the unnecessary requirements. This will make them all messed up between verification and making a living.

This act will also increase market prices and that is something which is the start of any marketplace's downfall. This will push people to unemployment and dissatisfaction. E-commerce will become tough work to many and people will lose all the hope they put in their online work. Now, all there is to wait and see what will be the effects of this act.

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