Meta will impose new restrictions on using profile picture frames on Facebook

The social media giant, Facebook, is used to allow what their users are up to. From being a platform on which users can post pictures, to letting them frame their own profile pictures for better customized display, Facebook has come a long way. Recently, Meta announced that restrictions will now be imposed on customizing profile pictures.

Initially, Facebook enabled users to use a frame to support their sports team through their display picture. Later, users were allowed to customize their own frames. However, with the COVID-19 vaccination procedure going on globally, anti-vaccine campaigns have started in which people discourage vaccines. Different platforms, including YouTube, took measures to remove such content, but users took advantage of these customized frames to support anti-vaccine campaigns.

This issue was highlighted by CNBC to the respective authorities of Facebook, when the number of such profile frames began to surface significantly. The platform took measures by removing such frames. Later, the option to customize was also removed from Frame Studio.

Following these steps, Meta has decided to go forward with these restrictions and has planned to introduce new regulatory policies as well.

Meta announced that government bodies and agencies, including the health care sector and law enforcement bodies, will be able to use frames. No unauthorized account will be allowed to use modified frames. They also confirmed that international organizations, including WHO, UNICEF, and other such departments, will be able to use this feature.

A deadline has been given by Meta. According to this, by March 21st of the ongoing year, frames that are in use will be taken down from the application. Later, the authorized organizations will be able to download them again through Frame Studio.

It is too soon to believe that these frames won’t make their way once again on this social media platform. It is possible that Meta might allow them to be used again under strict regulations. Currently, Meta is focusing on a new way to let users display themselves on this application. This new method lets users make an avatar of themselves.

Taking down the whole tool because some anti-vaccine members used it against the community has been criticized by users, but with current circumstances, it was a necessary step taken by Facebook.

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