You Can Now Turn Google Assistant Off Just by Saying Stop and Other Quick Phrases

Digital assistants like Siri have become a truly crucial aspect of how tech has been evolving these past few years. Google has an assistant of its own, aptly called Google Assistant, and the tech juggernaut has been experimenting with ways to make this assistant a lot more efficient. Previously, if you wanted Google Assistant to do anything at all, you would need to start off by saying Hey Google, and this is something that Google is attempting to simplify.

A widely lauded update that was rolled out in 2019 allowed you to turn your alarm off just by saying “Stop”. That is definitely a lot faster than having to say Hey Google first, and Google has been expanding functionality for that phrase as well as incorporating other quick phrases and single word commands. While Pixel 6 already has a really wide range of quick phrases such as “answer” and “snooze”, these features have yet to be rolled out to the wider Android user base.

The good news here is that the expanded capabilities for the “Stop” phrase is now being rolled out to all of these users. You can now use this phrase to turn your smart speaker off, or to turn Google Assistant off mid sentence even if you don’t have the Continued Conversation feature enabled. Google Assistant is notorious for being a little too verbose, often prattling on and on if you ask it a simple question, and being able to make it stop just by saying the word instead of having to start with Hey Google is something that most users are going to appreciate.

You still have to use the Hey Google prompt for most other uses, but this is going to make matters simpler at least when it comes to using smart speakers as well as turning the assistant off whenever you need to. This will also likely improve the functionality of this feature while someone is driving since they wouldn’t be as distracted as they once would have been which would make it easier for them to use Google Assistant while they are in the midst of such a focused type of activity.

Photo: Android/Google YouTube Channel.

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