Instagram comes up with a new live banner feature which will allow users to get more eyeballs on their live videos

Instagram has been around for over a decade now. The app was launched back in 2012 and since then, the app has been providing consumers a platform where they can post their pictures, videos and many more. They can interact with their friends and family.

It has got many different features for users to play with. People can post pictures, videos and even upload stories on their profiles. Apart from that, they can post boomerangs and reels which are a kind of a video but are shorter in length.

Instagram has been going neck and neck with TikTok. The company has been having a hard time in keeping up with its rival app. With many cool features and options available on TikTok, the app has conquered almost the entire world. TikTok is being used in almost every country and people are even using the app to make money.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram posted a video on his social media accounts saying that they are going to come up with a couple of new features. The first one is the new “Live Banner” feature.

This new feature would provide users with a new option where they will be able to schedule their live streams. This schedule will pop up on the users profile as a badge which would have a list of all of their upcoming live streams. Users will be able to create a schedule for future live streams as well.

This could prove to be a really great option for content creators because this way they will be able to gain a large number of audience as many people aren’t actually able to join their live videos because they aren’t available or are busy doing something else.

Live videos are an integral part of Instagram’s features as it provides people a way to interact with their followers and friends. It even has an option where you can add up to 4 people in a live stream.

Apart from this live stream update, users will be able to mix their own videos with other videos; the app is calling this new feature as “Remix”. Remix is really similar to TikTok Duet as users can record their reels and then merge it with another users reel. Before this update, users could only remix short-reels but now they can pick up any video and merge it with their own.

These new features are really exciting as users haven’t really had these kinds of options on the app before. We think that these new features might just give Instagram a bit of leverage over TikTok.

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