Windows 11 is coming up with a new update which would include “Preview” for Android Apps

Microsoft is one of the biggest providers of software for computers. The company has been around for a long time and has been the biggest contributor in the field of technology. It is because of them that we are able to use our computers as most of us are using their Operating systems.

The company released their first operating system back in 1985. Windows 1 was the first ever operating system which was produced by Microsoft and they haven’t looked back since then.

Over the years we’ve seen their operating systems under many changes. Some of them improved the interface and some kind of ruined it but the company was always able to send out patches and fixes to rectify the problems.

The company released its latest operating system back in October 2021 called Windows 11. The OS was initially free for a bunch of users. Windows 11 came out with important patches and updates which improved the user interface and accessibility for users.

Initially, the OS was supposed to come out with a new feature which created a huge hype in the community. The OS was supposed to have a new “Preview” feature which would allow users to run android apps on their laptops and PC’s, but the company decided that they would release the update in a few months.

This week, Microsoft announced that they will be releasing the new update in mid of February which would contain the new “Preview” feature. Panos Panay, The chief of Windows confirmed in a blog post that the update would come out in a few weeks. This would allow all the users who are using the new Windows 11 to run android apps or games on their computers. Users will be able to access these android apps through the PC-based Amazon Appstore.

They also revealed that they will be patching out a few changes which would include a few tweaks to the taskbar. Users will be able to mute and unmute and they will also be able to add new widgets on the taskbar. The drag and drop feature is also expected to be back in this new update.

Panay also revealed that they were not expecting such an overwhelming response as the demand for Windows 11 was really high as many people were keen to upgrade their OS to Windows 11.

Microsoft has been playing a vital role in shaping up the tech industry. With many technologies and apps coming in the next few years, we think that the company will experience a huge boost in their sales.

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