This New Office 365 Feature Lets You Give Special Protection to High Risk Employees

Cybersecurity is the sort of thing that almost everyone is concerned about, but suffice it to say that not everyone’s needs are going to be the same in this regard. For example, a low level employee is not going to need quite the same level of security as a CEO or someone else that regularly deals with classified or sensitive information for the most part. Microsoft is rolling out a new feature in Office 365 that addresses this disparity.

Office 365 has a special version of Microsoft Defender that is a great deal more effective than the free version that non-enterprise users get on their operating systems. This latest update will give companies using Office 365 the ability to control how much protection each individual employee profile receives. Certain members of your company might be at a greater risk of getting hacked since they possess information that would be a lot more vital to the organization and would therefore be of a greater value.

While it is more or less essential for every single employee in your company to get a basic level of protection from email and collaborative software based attacks such as ransomware, high risk employees need a bit more than that. One aspect of this feature is that any accounts that you mark as high profile will have their security alerts automatically jumped to the very top of the queue which makes sense since these are the security threats that you are ideally going to want to end up taking a lot more seriously for the most part.

You can also use this feature to create a special cybersecurity team that will only respond to high level threats. Added protection for high risk employees has become more important than ever before, and it is great that Microsoft is cognizant of that and is incorporating such a feature into Office 365. Cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated technology to conduct their attacks, and when this feature gets rolled out by the end of March these hackers and malicious actors would definitely have a harder time targeting corporate executives that have the kind of data that would be of any value to them.

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