Snapchat to come up with new updates for its AR Shopping feature which would benefit both Consumers and Brands

Snapchat has been trying to come up with new features and ways which would help them to retain their users as the company has reported a drop in its active users. The app was not even in the top 5 list of most downloaded apps in 2021.

This means that they have not been able to satisfy their audience or not able to gain new users which has made them drive away. It was Snapchat streaks which made the app a huge hit and now that these streaks are nowhere to be seen, the app started to lose its users.

This did not let them drop their shoulders and give up, but instead it motivated them to do better and to come up with some new features which would help them to regain the lost popularity.

Recently, the company came up with a few new feature which include AR shopping. This AR shopping feature would provide users a platform where they can easily find products and buy them. This update brought some changes to the AR shopping lenses as this would allow users to virtually try on jewelry, clothes and accessories.

This new update would also provide the user with tons of information such as the price of the product and its description. Apart from its details, the app would also provide users with links where they can easily find their desired products.

This update will not only benefit users but it will also benefit companies. The AR shopping lens would be connected with a link to the company’s catalogs which will receive some analyzed information from the AR lens. This would provide the company with data which they can use to build up some strategies which would help them to create target ads for particular users.

Snapchat has been trying to make AR shopping an integral part of its interface. Last year, they came up with a new feature which allowed users to “scan” an item, like a friend's watch, using their Snapchat Camera. The app would then check the internet for similar products and provide links of brands where the product is available.

Snapchat’s Chief Business Officer Jeremi Gorman said in an interview that,” AR is changing the manner in which we shop, play and learn, and is changing how organizations tell their stories and sell their items”.

With the company now focusing more and more towards its shopping side, we believe that they might be able to get back their audience. They just need to keep up with trends and they need to make sure that they don’t fall behind again.

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