Amazon Overtaken by rival companies you’ve never heard off

Amazon is an American based technological company that works on many domains such as e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and Artificial Intelligence. It was launched way back in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and is still named among the giant companies from US till date. Amazon has its fingers in many domains, such as Amazon AWS, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Prime, Amazon Echo Spot and a few more.

For years, Amazon has been the biggest house of production as far as e-commerce is concerned, with almost everything available on its website. But now we’re seeing a change in trends. There have been a few things for Amazon to be worried about, like the fact that some relatively new companies are now beating Amazon for having the most number of downloads in the year 2021.

It seems like yesterday that it was Amazon who was crowned with the title of having the most number of downloads, but as the year changed, many new competitors started to move forward and win. There are 3 companies who were able to out-number the number of downloads of Amazon in 2021. They are “Shopee, Shein and Meesho”.

According to a report by Apptopia, Amazon placed 4th on the leaderboard as Shopee took the first place, Shein at 2nd and Meesho at 3rd. You wanna know why Amazon fell behind? Well we certainly feel that Amazon was left behind because of the way these companies work, they are unique in their respective areas and that’s where Amazon lost the battle. These apps manage to come up with cool and different promotions and discounts that made their users want to use them more.

Shopee is a company which is basically Singapore based and targets the South Asian and American markets, came on top with 203 million downloads to its name. Shien is traced back to China and their domain is mostly the fashion side. They placed 2nd on the list with 190 million downloads. And above Amazon came the Indian originated company Meesho. Their best service is e-commerce for fashion and household items. It had 153 million downloads.

We all know Amazon lost the battle to these companies globally, It still had the highest number of downloads in US. The CEO’s at the company shouldn’t be that much worried because having a competition is sometimes healthy for a company in terms of growth. With all these new companies bringing their A game into the race of being the best, Amazon can now try to change their ways and come up with ideas that would bring back the attention that they have lost. Because we all know that Amazon is capable of doing the unthinkable.
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