Twitter Releases Report Detailing Trends and Engagement

Looking at the various things that are trending on Twitter can often result in one being able to get a good enough understanding of what is going on in the world. People often turn to Twitter in order to voice their opinions on things that matter to them, and capitalizing on these trends can be a useful way for marketers and advertisers to get the message across to the people that their respective brands may be attempting to target in one way or another.

It is important to note that Twitter has now released an insightful report that talks about some of the biggest trends that are driving engagement on its platform. There are several trends that it has illuminated, and many of those trends reflect matters that are taking the world of pop culture and internet culture by storm if you think about it. Marketers would do well to look into these trends to improve the performance of any ad campaigns they’re working on.

Crypto appears to be something that many Twitter users are passionate about to one extent or another. While not all of the crypto references on the platform are necessarily positive, it bears mentioning that there was a 549% increase in crypto mentions on the platform in general. Crypto has definitely seen an uptick both in visibility as well as notoriety over the past two years, and many more people are starting to invest in it for that very reason although it has also resulted in more users speaking out against it.

An even bigger increase is associated with the metaverse, more specifically how it pertains to the future of sports and other related endeavors. Metaverse and sports related tweets saw an incredible 6,024% increase according to this report, and with Meta now focusing primarily on this new form of tech there is a strong chance that we will see this trend becoming even more prevalent in the coming year. The Metaverse is also being mentioned from a digital rights and privacy perspective which also boosted it as a trend.

Not all of the trends on Twitter in 2021 were quite so cutting edge, though. For example, monthly mentions for mental health related issues and topics have increased by over 44% since 2019. That should come as no surprise since the pandemic has caused severe and widespread mental health problems due to people being stuck in lockdown and isolation. Hence, it makes a lot of sense that people took to Twitter to talk about mental health troubles that they and others may have been going through.

Nostalgia also appeared to be a big part of what people talked about on Twitter in 2021. There was a 55% boost in mentions of chocolates and sweets in 2021, and most of those topics surrounded nostalgic desires to consume such treats once again. Twitter is in many ways a hub for global concerns, and this report makes it clear that there is no limit to what people would be willing to discuss on the platform. It allows users to get exposed to a number of opposing and supporting view points as well.
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