Android Users Finally Get Twitter Communities, The Platform Is Also Testing Mysterious Labeled Links

Twitter has been trying really hard to position itself as a place for communities in order to compete with other social media platforms that have already made a fair bit of progress in that regard. A big part of this was a new feature called Twitter Communities, with the main purpose of this feature being that it allows users to great groups based on shared interests which is the type of thing that many users prefer to look to Twitter for.

When Twitter communities first debuted, it was made available only for web users and those that use iOS devices. However, the good news that a lot of Android fans would be looking to know is that it is finally being made available on the Android app for Twitter as well. It has been a really long wait for most Twitter users that prefer Android devices, with the feature having been released four months ago for iOS and web browser users.

One major difference between Twitter communities and Facebook groups is that users can’t create a community quite as easily on the former as they might on the latter. Instead, Twitter is curating various topics and is creating communities based on them on the behalf of users so that they can join any and all communities that pertain to their specific interests at the very least to a certain extent if not more so.

Twitter users can also recommend new communities which the company says it will bear in mind moving forward. This lack of control with regards to groups that you may want to create may be frustrating and limiting for some, but Twitter communities have definitely been a big hit for the most part and the vast majority of users will be glad that it is now available on Android as well apart from the platforms where it was already being offered.

On the other hand, Twitter is testing labeled links in Tweets body with customizable colors, as reported by Jane Manchun Wong.

As per Wong, these (apparently external) links open in a new tab when clicked, just like any other hyperlink on any web blog/post. Although there is no exact information on how these links will actually work, we guess Twitter may bring such features under its Blue subscription program. Adding customizable links can be a game changer for news reporters, writers, journalists, publishers and SEOs who like having more contextual links in the content/stories.

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