According to a global survey, majority of companies don’t prioritize customer service

In a time when customers want a good quality of product and service from brands, they majorly focus on the quality of one thing, not on the service, which urges the customers to move.

Zendesk reported some significant points in research, highlighting the fundamental issue of debate about how and why customers are attracted to a particular brand. So, customer service is the tool to make a business successful. Still, unfortunately, many companies do not recognize its importance, and 54 percent of people consider that brands take (CQS) Customer Quality service as a second thought. They don't even know what customers want from them, which creates a vast gap between customers and brands. It’s important to know that 70 percent of purchases are based on consumers’ quality of service. Almost two-thirds of the respondents thought companies should train their service staff because the expectations increased over the last year. And 90 percent of the customers are willing to pay those brands that provide quality in service and product equally.

There is a direct relationship between customer service and business growth that describes how much a business starts to serve that much it will be successful. Providing service doesn’t mean interacting; its actual meaning is to know the customer’s concerns and take these as an opportunity to grow more.

In the last year, consumers spent more on online purchases, which builds up their expectations more like in quick support mediums, and as per the stats the massive increase seen on WhatsApp, i.e. 370% more ticket volume. Other mediums usage including phones and SMS were also hiked up. All of the data is extracted from three sources: global survey and poll and through different companies (near 100,000).

Now the brands are divided into two categories. One says that Customer expectations are just another way to increase the cost and the second category belongs to those who consider it an opportunity to grow revenue.

Customer service is the pillar of any entity that makes customers’ experience fruitful during purchase. So, more than 75% of companies started to invest in CX (Consumer Expectations), and almost 30 percent believe it will prove a worthy investment. This year, a gap exists between expectations and actions that are a clear alarm to brands to change the strategies according to customers. Because it doesn’t matter how big the business is, it will be nothing if it doesn’t mold itself with the time.

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