Twitter Improves its Ads With More Insights and Overview

Ads are a crucial part of any kind of social media platform that wants to be able to earn some kind of a profit. Twitter once had a tough time competing with Facebook in that respect, but over the years various Facebook-related controversies as well as a corporate shakeup that resulted in former CEO Jack Dorsey being replaced by the ostensibly more driven and focused Parag Agarwal has resulted in the platform regaining some of the ground it had previously ended up losing.

Twitter has made a few changes that are hopefully going to make its ads both more valuable to various brands and marketing professionals as well as easier to work with and optimize. The first update that is coming in this regard is a new data tracking option that can help you see who you can target as well as how well your ads are performing through ad manager. You can now customize your goals for your ads, with a new potential goal that you can add being website visits.

Setting your goal in the ad manager to site visits will essentially make it so that the ads would potentially be shown to people that are more likely to want to visit your website instead of just clicking on the ad itself. Twitter is also trying to make up for the data loss that is caused by Apple’s new privacy policies by creating a new way to view metrics that combines conversion rates and other similar metrics in a single place without having to keep too many tabs open. That can simplify matters when analyzing data.

Another addition that Twitter is making is called Events Manager. This is a dashboard that lets you look at each tag event that occurred within a given time frame and track data in a far more efficient manner. All of these changes are likely going to result in Twitter becoming a more desirable place for advertisers, especially since it tries to address one of the biggest changes that advertisers have been forced to deal with namely Apple’s new iOS update which has now made it rather unlikely that targeted data can now be acquired from iPhones and other Apple devices.

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