An addition comes into the Super Follows of Twitter through its spaces feature

Twitter always tries to bring something new and helpful, but this time, it comes up with an upgraded feature, which gives the opportunity to monetize the accounts, create content and earn money through subscription; yes, it is Supper Follows but with its own spaces feature related to audio conversations.

First things first, what the features mentioned above are? Well, the Super Follows came in last September of the prior year in America and Canada; some creators earned around six-thousand dollars in just 14 days through subscribers because the account gets monetized after it, and as far the matter is concerned about spaces so, it’s a live audio chatting room which Twitter created in 2021 through it a host invites some people in its audio chat no matters whether the member is one of the followers or not, accounts that have more than 600 followers can use this feature. Basically, the platform wants to expand its money-making feature so, after its official launch, it will call by the name of Super Follows-exclusive spaces.

When the Supper Follows came, Twitter said they are now making an earning platform for the content creators through it, and other people can interact with their favorite creators. And now, monetizable spaces will add more value to it because the audio content attains more viewers attention.

This news comes out from a credible reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, and the executive of the company also confirms that Twitter is working on this particular amalgamation.

On the other hand, just like Instagram close friend option Twitter is also working on Flock, which allows users to give access to their tweets up to one-hundred and fifty people which they find most engaging or friends, and the green tweets help the followers to identify that you are the one who chooses to be close in the list of creator. It’s another way of the social media platform to see the difference between the close one and others.

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