A survey reveals what employers will be noticing during recruitment and it certainly isn't your CV

Are you working in the tech sector? Are you willing to take up a new job? Although the jobs from tech industry got flooded in 2021, recruiters continue to complain about skill-less people in the tech sector and the huge number of people who are resigning as per the Great Resignation remains a separate issue.

The HR departments and companies for sure are having a hard time not only with resignation but re-employing skillful people too.

Recently, CodinGames surveyed 14,000 tech recruiters from the 131 countries of the world. Then they made some points for the ease of employees in case they are looking for a new job especially in the Tech sector.

Now the first thing your recruiter wants to look at is your curriculum vitae aka your CV. In Europe CV is now a required paper that has to be separately attached to a resume.

However, many employers are now thinking about overlooking CVs. The piece of paper that was the most important in the past is now only a second option. Employers are now focusing on the skillset and skill-based reviews of potential employees.

When the respondents of the survey were asked about what qualification standard will they use instead of CVs many of them said that a mixture of live interviews and some tech assessments will help them find the best and the most qualified people for their jobs.

This means that possible employees will be asked questions more related to their field instead of open-ended ones. These will assist in more on-point hires that are based on skills rather than their alma mater.

The respondents also stated that diversity is furthermore an important factor as biases make it hard for people of a diverse group to get good jobs rather than the other applicants. The reason for this is over-dependence on resumes and CVs.

CodinGames's survey also revealed the most important factor for hiring as of this moment to be "candidate experience 41.25%" at number one with diversity, talent expansion, and talent capacity arising closely behind.

So if you are hoping to get hired in 2022, these results may have an influence on the way you write and present your resume. You might want to rewrite your resume to showcase your skills and experience rather than just your diplomas. These will most certainly help you much more than your college degrees or your certifications.
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