The end of 2021 proven to be beneficial for businesses and their growth after a handful year of setbacks because of the pandemic

After the pandemic the business community is hopeful for the surge in their business stability. According to the YELP report that concludes the data of the last quarter of 2021 from “Yelp Economic Average." The report enlightens how the consumers have shown concerns about inflation but still they are hopeful about the stability for the business.

According to the first half of the published report after the pandemic businesses faced huge setbacks and were facing losses. However though omicron is still with us, the roll out of vaccines have brought some peace and reassurance of better times

As we all saw in the pandemic peak era, how the impact of corona was dreadful for all businesses.

However, the end of 2021 proved to be a slightly better term for the business world specially in the Southern US States. The Yelp report also concludes how the states are coping with all the impacts they faced.

However, times are changing and leading to better days and all this is proving great for the business world. While people and businesses faced worker shortage and supply constraints and many went down, the second half of 2021 brought lighter days.

According to the YELP report, a total of 559,719 new businesses were opened in 2021. This is almost 8% more in comparison to 2020. In 2020, 517,231 new businesses opened.

The report also stated that in 2021 the wave of entrepreneurship has widened all over the country and almost every state is considering new business opportunities.

Some of the states saw large percentages and some saw small ones in creating new business opportunities .The Washington , New Mexico, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Oregon did not open any new business opportunities while the state from Souths like Mississippi (27% increase), Alabama (22%), Georgia (19%) and Louisiana (16%).

However, the nightlife, hotel, beauty and local service are the most grown categories in 2021, according to the report. Here we have described in percentage, which are most growth categories in 2021: nightlife (26%), hotels/travel (23%), local services (15%) and beauty (14%).

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