Twitter Has Recently Added A Bunch Of New Features, With Spaces, Communities, and Tweets Getting Special Attention In The Process

Twitter had added a slew of new interface updates to the platform, with additions to how tweets can be made, the sharing of Communities, and host access to Spaces info.

Let’s talk about the new method via which tweets can be published first. Twitter is testing out the addition of a new composer bar that’s added at the bottom part of the navigation interface. What that essentially means is that users can type out a new tweet even as they’re scrolling through their feed. This allows for the Twitter community to immediately act upon whatever spell of creativity they encounter. When a user has a tweet idea flit into their head, they’re not going to go around and write it down on a notepad with the intention of writing it later; this isn’t a symphony being composed, after all, no matter how much some verified celebrity may believe so. People want to be able to spontaneously type out the ideas that they spontaneously develop. The new composer bar being added is honestly a very creative addition on Twitter’s end that really adds to the overall platform.

Spaces is a feature that’s gaining a lot of traction on Twitter, but then again so are audio rooms across the internet. Clubhouse is doing very well for itself, LinkedIn is adding its own version of audio rooms, Meta is considering their addition across its social media platforms; the concept’s doing rather well for itself. With Spaces being a major way via which users can gain engagement and profile growth, it’s important to many content creators and influencers on the platform that they keep tabs on how their rooms are doing. With this new feature, any host with full access to their Space can take a look at relevant metrics for the audio livestream. Specifically, they can now see how many individuals joined the room in total, as well as the number of replays the livestream garnered.

Communities, much like Groups on Facebook, are a way for the Twitter community to really engage with each other over commonly held interests, ideas, and beliefs. It’s a very social feature that Twitter added in the interest of driving engagement across the platform up, while allowing users a space via which they can interact with each other more. A new potential feature being tested out right now is the ability to more easily share Communities with other Twitter users. Communities now have a dedicated share button right underneath their cover photos, which when clicked upon allow users three different methods of sharing: copying a link, inviting Twitter users, or sharing via different platforms.

There have been a few other additions to the platform as well. Twitter’s taking after Instagram taking after TikTok with the addition of reaction videos to tweets. Users can now quote tweets, while also adding short clips of themselves reacting to them.

The Twitter community can now also make emoji profiles for themselves, which mostly just consist of a single emoji from the typical variety of phone carriers, coupled with different colored backgrounds to choose from.

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