LinkedIn Is Adding Audio Rooms To The Platform, Allowing Users To Engage With Others In More Visual Ways

LinkedIn is currently testing out a new audio room feature via which discussions can be held on the platform, along with the addition of new tools to its Live events creation.

LinkedIn has seen a major increase in users as well as general relevancy across the COVID-19 pandemic. The reasons are rather obvious; combine an incessant need to get jobs in a struggling economy with a worldwide disease that’s forcing everyone to stay indoors and relegate most of their communication to technological devices, and guess what? Making a profile on LinkedIn starts to look really interesting all of a sudden. Honestly, a profile on the platform is incredibly important moving forwards, since it’s an easily accessible source of one’s professional life that employers will definitely draw upon more and more. Nearly all aspects of our social lives are developing online counterparts, therefore it plays to reason that employment will do the same. At any rate, enough ruminating about the uncertain future of our financial future and employment status; let’s get to discussing the newer features that LinkedIn has added to its repertoire.

LinkedIn has added much to its social features, with Live being one of the most recent and biggest of such additions. Live essentially allows a user to set up live-streams that can then be used to interact with their professional audience, both driving engagement with their profile up high, displaying a level of professional competency, and providing audiences with useful content that they can potentially learn from. Livestreams in general are a form of content that have become increasingly popular across the internet. Twitch is a content-generating powerhouse, livestreams account for millions of views on YouTube, and even the likes of Facebook and Instagram have added the ability to conduct livestreams. With such a popular format doing well on the platform, it only makes sense for LinkedIn to supplement it with additional features.

The addition of a new feature by the name of Audio Rooms is something that draws inspiration from both the popularity of livestreams as well as podcasts. Users can now set up individual rooms where they can host discussions regarding topics relevant to their profile, allowing other users to attend and pitch in with a chat feature, raising virtual hands, and so on. The interface resembles the likes of Clubhouse, which is a platform fully geared around having audio rooms.

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