French Laws ask Google and Facebook to change their Cookie management and make it simpler to reject cookies

The start of the year 2022 is not so good and delightful for many tech giants including Google and Facebook. Recently these tech giants are facing difficulties in France. This week, French commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des libertés (CNIL) announced Google was fined 203 million dollars for making it difficult for French users to decline the cookies in comparison to accepting them. The Meta Platforms (aka Facebook) was also fined 81 million dollars for the same matter i.e. adopting the dark pattern strategies.

According to CNIL, when both giants have made the cookie acceptance an easy option, then why users declining interfaces have to go through a lengthier process. This is against and an infringement of the law of French law of data protection act article 82 and the French government will not accept it.

Moreover, CNLC is giving three months to Facebook and Google to follow the orders for making cookie rejection simpler for French users. If these tech giants do not follow these orders in a given period time then after three months they will be fined 114,000 dollars / each day.

In April of 2020, many websites received a notice related to the same issue from CNLC. Moreover, CNLC fined Google 113 Million Dollars and Amazon 40 million dollars respectively.

Since the last two years, CNLC has adopted many corrective measures and issued orders for websites in which the tech giants have to fulfill the law about cookies. They also have been implementing new strategies that involve locals and foreigners’ who publish their websites with high traffic but practice the violence of their rule and regulation.

Google spokesmen in the light of the current situation said that the tech giant has always been conscious of their user privacy and has always made sure that people who trust them with their searches have a smooth experience with them. Hence, the big tech always respects any country’s law and is working with CNLC wholeheartedly.
Meta also took the situation under consideration and as Google said in their statement; Meta is also working with French law authorities’ to resolve all issues between CNLC and Meta management

Meta spokesmen further said their users already have better control of their cookies control as in our new setting menu on Facebook and Instagram our users can revisit and again manage their settings.
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