Twitter Leak Reveals That The Platform Is Adding The Ability To Look Up Messages For The Convenience Of Its Users

A dive into Twitter’s back-end code reveals that the company is looking into adding a new search feature to the platform’s Direct Messages, allowing users to sift through their messages with relative ease.

This leak was revealed by serial social media leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, via a screenshot that displays the feature in its entirety. Which, then again, isn’t exactly the most dramatic of new features and additions, but it is one that I’m surprised took so long to make. Twitter DMs have been around for such a long time, and are a very popular form of communication across the platform. DMs can be used casually, but can also be used to carry important messages that may need coming back to. With users being rather active on the platform, it only makes sense that some messages would get lost in the daily hustle, or maybe older ones would require coming back to. How did Twitter never consider adding in a search for messages feature before? While the answer isn’t something I expect to see anytime soon, Twitter has only recently started working on its DMs.
Twitter added the ability to search up people and/or groups in one’s direct messages back in 2019. It was a nice addition, if a bit too late, all things considered, but it’s also a very limited way to sift through one’s messages. Sure, if someone remembers who they were talking to, messages might be easier to go through, but people often keep forgetting, so this isn’t the most effective mechanism. Not to mention the fact that even if an individual remembers the person they were corresponding with, they would still have to keep scrolling up and up until the message shows up. Want to view an important message from a few months ago? Too bad, keep scrolling until you find the exact date at which said message was sent. A very ineffective method of messaging, and one that I’m really happy about, is being supplemented by the ability to look up messages.

Of course, when I say supplement, there is a very good chance that the ability to search up people and groups might be getting overwritten. The screenshot by Alessandro Paluzzi reveals a search bar that just asks users to look up messages. The old inscription of looking up people and/or groups is nowhere to be seen. Maybe these two features have been integrated together, but it’s difficult to say for sure until the new search bar fully rolls out.

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