TikTok rolls out some amazing new insights in the Trends portion of the Creative Center

TikTok is one of the leading applications on the charts and has been a hit since its launch. The social network since its start has been a user favorite, it hasn't only given tough competition to Instagram but has made sure to rise in terms of its features too.

The application is always coming up with some amazing features which only aren't loved by their users but are very useful for them too. One such update happens to come in the applications recent feature called Creative Center. TikTok launched its creative center last year and this particular feature gave users the ability to see some insights of the app. The main core of the feature is 'Top Ads' which shows what the leading advertisements have been on the app in a specific time frame. The feature also has showcases which helps users understand what the current trends in promoting business on the apps are and how other businesses which use the platform are doing in terms of their marketing.

This is a great feature to help other smaller businesses be in the same line of marketing and do well in their venture.

However, this post is about some other great options TikTok has introduced in its Trends portion on the Creative Center feature, as first reported by SocialMediaToday. The application is giving users a way to find the latest and most trending songs on the application within a specific number of days. Users can look up songs which have been trending in their respective regions for the last 30 days. This will help them keep up with the trends and keep their audience intact.

Moreover, the most searched hashtags can be looked up according to regions with the duration being up to 120 days. The trending hashtags will help users use the right ones for their videos so that it is among the top when searched through a specific hashtag. The only caveat is that it requires sign in/up.

Both the features are amazing and it shows how much thought the tech giant puts in terms of the ease of their users before launching a feature.

The tech firm has come a long way however; they never took their success for granted. They still have a lot to achieve and we hope we see some amazing features in the near future too.

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