You Might Get Paid to Play Video Games in Five Years, Reddit Founder Says

Earning money just by playing video games is something that was previously considered a pipe dream and more or less impossible, but many people are already managing to do so. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that these gamers mostly earn money by creating video game related content rather than the act of playing games on its own. However, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian is of the opinion that in five years people could actually earn quite a bit of money just by playing video games if current models persist.

This is a trend that has already started to emerge somewhat, with plenty of games offering players tokens that can be exchanged for real world currency. This will become even more pronounced in coming years, and according to Ohanian that will have a lot to do with the average individual fully recognizing the value of their time. The intersection of blockchain and video games has created some truly unique scenarios that may very well enable people to earn income from solely playing video games and nothing else at all.

The metaverse is likely going to play a really huge role in this since it gives gamers the opportunity to provide services to others within the game universe itself, something that would most definitely translate to real world value. Ohanian went so far as to say that this could be an alternative to universal basic income which is an idea that has been thrown around quite frequently. However, some are commenting on how dystopian this image seems, with human beings being forced to live in virtual realities just so that they can earn money which is something that would definitely take the fun out of gaming and make it a lot less innocent than it is right now.

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