TikTok and its competitor app Instagram are giving their users handy updates and features in the apps

Somedays back Instagram announced an update about its main photo grid. In that update, Instagram users can swipe their photo grid in vertical scrolling. The tech firm is testing this vertical scrolling feature in many countries around the world, with limited users along with its one-minute story duration feature.

In the competition of this upgrade, TikTok is not lacking behind. In 2021 TikTok tested its story feature. Although the new feature of stories in TikTok is not yet available to all users, it surely will be a hit when launched globally.

However, it seems like short video-sharing app, is still thinking of an adequate and suitable name for the stories feature because currently, it's available as the name "Quick".

It looks like the video-sharing app is testing their stories feature in a hurry because similar to the name, the placement of the story is still not decided yet, or they are still indecisive of a few bits related to it.

When you are scrolling down the “for you page" the stories are identified by the blue "story" tag instead of having its own tab right now, as spotted by MattNavarra. TikTok stories are available for 24 hours like Snapchat and meta-owned Instagram.

Who can see these stories? Previously you could see the stories of those who you are following, but now TikTok changed its setting. The stories on public profiles will be visible to everyone.

According to the social media consultant Matt Navarra's tweet, now you can create stories via the '+' button instead of the sidebar.

The video-sharing social media app still has not announced or set the time frame of when these stories will be available to all users all around the world.

The loyal and devoted users of the app are anxiously waiting for the update. The tech firm has always brought about some amazing updates and we are sure that the new story feature once issued globally will be a massive hit too. However, for that we will have to wait until the tech firm announces a release date or confirms the feature.

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