Survey shows majority of the Gaming Developers are against Non-fungible Tokens and growing protest for unionization

In very little time, NFT has made its value in the market. But as per the GDC, most developers said they are not in favor of these tokens for their scams, monetization, and environmental concerns. There is also a minor contribution of those who say this is the gaming industry’s future.

Ethereum Blockchain is the one that makes NFT credible. It provides the right path for valuable things but still, it’s a bubble in the mind of many people. Here we will talk about the views of technology developers, most specifically game Devs, as per the gaming developer’s conference survey. Almost 70 percent of formulators are not on the side of the game publisher’s new ideas to put NFT in video games such as the most famous “Ubisoft” so involved in it and rolls out a Quartz system in which the in-game cosmetics things attached with the Digits (A new form of Non-fungible) and the other idea to connect the tokens with the Shooter game (Heart of Chernobyl). But unfortunately, both these are not acceptable because the developers don’t consider it as something. From their point of view, it’s just a bubble that will go soon and not make any sense.

Even some of them say it should be banned because they experienced working in the NFT Corporation. And now they quit from there; one of the developers passes a statement like he doesn’t know why it is not considered a pyramid business model. In the survey, a new topic came out about unionization, and it seems that 55% of workers show support and protest to unionize the game industry. And as per the GDC, some workers say that their organizations support making them a part of a labor union. The overall data is extracted from the examination results before the actual conference.

Makers of video games think that there is still a lot of work, and they concluded this after analyzing the percentages that came out from the survey report that mostly shows criticism. Only 38 percent of workers are in favor of companies’ efforts to make them a part of the team, but the remaining are still not satisfied.

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