Twitter rolls out its new features including NFTs for iOS and testing pinned chats for Android

Twitter is a platform where people go and express how they feel. They share their emotions, they share their feelings with the world and they make new friends. The app has been up and running since 2006 and well we’ve seen them undergo many changes throughout the years. They are constantly trying to come up with features which are fresh and would prove to be useful for users.

A while ago, we saw that Twitter came up with an update where they provided iOS users to pin their chats. Just like you pin your favorite comments, you could now pin your favorite chats so that you would never miss a notification.

Well, since it was only available for iOS users, rumors are that the company is finally coming up with its feature which supports Android users as well. According to a Twitter post from Alessandro Paluzzi, the company is working on the update at the moment and we will soon see this update out and ready for use.

Apart from this pinned chat feature, the company is also focusing on bringing the new NFT’s into its armory. Twitter is thinking about bringing the new NFT profile picture feature for users who have bought the subscription of Twitter Blue.

This feature would give a kind of permit to users to show their NFT's to the world. It doesn't make any difference assuming you're a maker or a proprietor, in the event that you have a NFT, you can essentially put it as your profile picture assuming that you've as of now subscribed to Twitter Blue. The feature is just accessible for iOS users, the update for Android and web applications is still in the development phase.

With the new feature coming out, iOS clients will actually want to change their profile pictures to their NFT's while different users will be able to see the item regardless of whatever means of Twitter they are using. Despite the fact that Twitter blue isn't accessible everywhere, it has begun to make publicity inside the local area. Right now, this Twitter Blue is just accessible in the U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Assuming you're now a Twitter Blue user, you can essentially change your profile picture to your NFT by associating your wallet to your Twitter account. This way a new option will present itself to you which would allow you to choose an NFT which you can use as your profile picture. At the moment, Twitter is only allowing the users to use PNG or JPEG NFTs which are minted on Ethereum but the company has hinted that they will soon expand to other SVGs.

As the update is expected to come out soon, we don’t know what kind of future this new feature holds for non-subscribers. The company has indicated that they will make a decision regarding non-subscribers after analyzing the feedback from their Twitter Blue subscribers.

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