This New Feature Might Let You Pause While Recording Voice Notes on WhatsApp Desktop

The ability to send voice notes is a pretty crucial aspect of the manner in which people often end up utilizing WhatsApp to one extent or another. Most people don’t have the time to type out messages, and sending voice notes can make things a bit easier for them in that regard. WhatsApp has recently expanded its offerings to allow users to operate the platform through a desktop app, but this app often had limited voice note recording capabilities for the most part.

That said, it turns out that WhatsApp is trying to improve this feature, and is beta testing a voice note recording feature that can allow you to pause mid recording and then continue from where you left off. This is a feature that iOS users have been able to take advantage of for quite some time now, and it enables them to make the most of it whereas Android users have mostly been left out of the loop up so far. This is a highly useful feature that will likely increase WhatsApp Desktop adoption rates. Android users in particular might start to prefer using the app on desktop rather than through their phones since it now has better voice note recording capabilities than the Android app can currently compete with. WhatsApp has recently been trying to streamline its voice note recording feature.

This latest feature follows a recent update that allowed users to listen to their voice notes before sending them. It’s pretty clear that the instant messaging platform wants more users taking advantage of voice notes, arguably because this is how said users expect to communicate in the coming years. Another reason for this update is that WhatsApp is pushing its desktop app quite heavily, often at the expense of its Android app which still doesn’t have some features added to it.

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