YouTube is coming up with a new loop video chapters feature for its users

YouTube is one of the biggest streaming platforms which is being used all around the world. What makes it big is the fact that it has everything available. From movies to music, from news to sports, it hosts a wide range of topics. The app has been trying its very best to come up with features which would make things easier for users, and it is here with a new update which might solve a lot of problems for users.

A couple of years ago in 2020, Google came up with a new feature called YouTube Chapters. Well judging from its name, we think we’ve established that it has something to do with certain parts and chapters, like in our textbooks. Chapters would allow break up the video into pieces which makes it easier for users to jump from one section of the video to another. Because every video has parts which the user isn’t really interested in, this is why the company came up with this feature.

This way, when you’re watching a video which is really long, you can just skip the parts and just get to the good part. Rumors are that YouTube is coming out with another feature which will work in tendon with this chapter feature.

YouTube is working on a new repeat mode which would allow you to keep your video chapters in a loop instead of replying to the video over and over again. This feature is different from the current repeat feature because the current one only allows you to replay the whole video but this new one will allow you to repeat a particular section or chapter of a video which is pretty cool if you ask us.

Users will be able to watch a single video chapter on repeat, instead of manually reversing the video from the video bar. This will prove to be really helpful when you’re working on an important project and you need to get all the details correctly. The feature is still under the development phase and isn’t out yet.

Apart from this new repeat feature, the app is also trying to make its UI easier for its T.V users. They came up with an update which allowed users to sign in from their phones instead of manually entering their credentials from their remotes which is both time consuming and annoying.

Updates like these show that YouTube is putting in a lot of efforts so that they can fulfill the requirements of their users. It’s only a matter of time that we’ll see YouTube replacing Netflix as the highest video streaming apps of all time.


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