No two CEOs can be the same, claims Twitter's ex-CEO in an interview

This is the fact that people can’t always think in the same ways as others even if they are siblings or in blood relation. This is human physiology. As humans, we always think differently from each other. Even two successful businessmen think in two different ways, one loves to take a risk and the other one likes to play safe. Something like this happened recently too.

This week, The New York time released an episode of its podcast in which the former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was interviewed with journalist Kara Swisher. In that interview, the former Twitter CEO talked about two successful tech giants, one is Apple founder Steve job and the second is Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon.

When Costolo became a Twitter CEO, he had a meeting with Jeff Bezos (BTW, Dick Costolo became Twitter CEO in 2009 after EvWilliams). Costolo remembered the meeting with Bezos. He stated that in his meeting with him, Bezos talked about a meeting he had with his firm when he first took over. According to him another person present in the meeting raised a question about late Steve's job style of business. Steve Jobs had firmly believed not to put legs in many ventures at a time. He thought that all the motivation on one thing is key to success on the other side Bezos is famous for taking risks and doing most things at a time, he is often used to say in professional meetings "Failure is the pillar of a successful business" and I would like to do everything although my team's members don't want me to do hundreds of kinds of stuff at times.

Bezos who owns Amazon also took the same risks with it too. Amazon had various flops in past years, including the Amazon fire phone failure, which led to the company facing a 170 million dollar loss.

If the value of your failure is not growing, that means you are not going to develop the size of your success. These are the words of Bezos from a letter, which he wrote to his shareholder in 2019.

Costolo said to the reporter in an interview, Bezos at the meeting warns everyone, don't try to copy anyone or me, the success of life is to "Be Yourself.” Don't try to run the company the path the last person did or the person before that.

The Costolo message is a light for all those beginners who want to become successful human beings in their lives, no matter what path they choose.

Photo: @dickc / Twitter

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