New Report Reveals Desire for Transparency Among AI Consumers

Out of all of the numerous technological fields that are emerging as of late, AI seems to be the most exciting one. It definitely has the potential to simplify various tasks, and the thing about it is that it is already present in a wide range of devices that we tend to use on a daily basis. The problem with AI is there is often a lack of understanding among consumers and brands.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Cogito has conducted a study that will make it clear what customers are thinking about in this regards. The results are actually relatively positive, with a surprisingly low amount of concern for AI since customers have been using it and are aware of the benefits that it can end up providing to them each and every day.

45% of people seem to agree that AI is good because it makes it a great deal easier for them to perform a wide range of extremely complex tasks. 43% of respondents also felt that AI was a positive force in general, and that it could a lot to improve their circumstances. A surprising statistic is that only about 15% of people were worried that AI would end up taking their jobs which is a lot lower than many industry leaders and experts would have assumed.

However, there is a desire for transparency among users. 43% said that they wanted companies to outright tell them if they were using AI to track them with all things having been considered and taken into account. This is something that will continue to be an issue, and while the general perception of AI seems to be improving, this does not change the fact that consumers want to know when it is being used and why.

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