Meta says they are still working on AR/VR OS but their statements feels SUS

Meta (previously known as Facebook) is one of the oldest social media platforms where people connect with their family and friends. Meta, which is now the biggest tech company, has Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp all in its chain. The company plans on expanding its team and is always introducing fresh minds into the company to improve the product line.

Meta had plans to introduce their latest technology that they have been working on for years. Yes we are talking about the Augmented reality (AR) tech and the Virtual reality (VR) glasses. The company has been working on the project for years and was aiming to prepare their own glasses with a special kind of operating system (OS) that would power these glasses.

They’ve hired hundreds of employees, have spent a really hefty amount on this project and well it seemed like the company might be able to break through and build its own operating system which would allow them to have full ownership of the device. But it seems to be just a dream for them right now.

It was reported TheInformation magazine that the company has stopped working on the project for the time being but its executives claims they are actively working on this technology. However, it seems like the company has ran into a deadlock and they don’t seem to have a solution yet.

They stated that they are not closing the division for the project, but instead they are for the current time being focusing on growing their team. Which doesn’t feel like a really convincing statement coming from them but instead is more of a “Face Saving” statement.

According to the statement given by Gabriel Aul, the vice president of Reality Labs Engineering, "There are many directions in which we are trying to create our Reality Labs Operation System, we are still working on a highly specialized operating system for our devices”. He further said that they are still working on finding the necessary resources for them to build the software and are not shortening their team.

The term “Highly Specialized OS” could mean that they are working on Oculus devices, which is also a kind of a version of Android. This means that they have dropped their plans about creating their own OS and are just going to continue exploring this aspect.

This could be a really serious problem for the company as Apple’s AR/VR headsets are also coming out this year. The company needs to get their head back into the game and come up with something or else they might fall behind in this race.

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