Meta Has Reportedly Taken A Different Route When It Comes To Developing Its VR and AR before the launch of the Apple headset

As we all know, technology is evolving around us, and every day, a new tech instrument is introduced by different companies. Nowadays, Virtual and Augmented reality has become very famous, and people enjoy using them. Metaverse invests almost 150 million dollars in AR/VR training to help the creators, learners to grab all the opportunities, but recently, Meta reportedly paused its further development because of the rumors regarding Apple’s headsets before its launch.

Virtual reality is that type of tech which do not exist in physical environment; it just creates an artificial world like Google cardboard, and the Augmented reality is an advanced version because it does not change the reality but adds something new in the corner of a person’s world, for instance, the concave lens of Microsoft. Many tech companies are working on its production and updating it, but when the news comes about Apple’s VR/AR, other organizations step back, and Meta is one of them. As per a report, the reason behind stopping the further process seems to be owing to the software of advanced augmented and mixed realities in a far better way. Meta worked on this project with hundreds of employees for five years.

Meanwhile, to save the company revenue and resources, it is paying attention to the new version of Android for AR/VR instead of using its own Oculus devices that give them long-term benefits. The Chief executive officer of Meta Zukerberg worried about its key business models for many years, the controls owned by Apple and Google on devices. The company’s goal is to become more independent and create its own new and advanced hardware that gives better competition to others, which helps enhance its credibility in the market because its shares were gone down in 2021.

The OS is present in Android devices and runs a better version like VROS, but it was still working on its ambitions. On the other hand, Apple is working on a new operating system known as “Reality Operating System”. The tech giant wants to be the best player in the market by launching a new reality headset. It also comes to know that the company plans to launch its AR and VR this year. The headsets were initially available, but their supply was limited due to production difficulties. And, as per the report, the new one has some innovative features like thin-film displays.

H/T: TI.

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