Instagram works towards three new features which surely will be loved by many users

Instagram continues to work hard to sustain its popularity among users. Instagram management knows well that if they don’t introduce new updates and features eventually their users will get bored and move to something more intriguing. The users in the current world of tech have so many options to choose from that the tech giants have to rapidly update new features for them to keep their audience intact.

Keeping this in mind the tech giant is constantly working on new updates and features. Instagram has recently tested three new features for their users, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi.

With the help of first feature, users can rearrange their profile photo grid. It doesn’t matter when a user has posted a picture, they can arrange their photos according to their liking and preference on whichever number they like. Sometimes users post their special and unforgettable moments and want to keep those pictures on the front, where everybody can see them initially. This ability might just come true.

In the second feature, Instagram is playing with their sticker collection as they included a new sticker in their collections, which is a "hearts eyes" sticker, it looks like a cool addition indeed.

We are seeing that Instagram is working hard to give new updates and features to its users, they are continuously playing and testing with many features on the feed and the users like the changes very much.

Instagram chief, Mosseri, said that in the future they plan on working towards Instagram videos as well.

Moreover, another feature the tech giant is working on seems rather useful. Sometimes we need a break from social media and want to focus more on their life without wanting to tap onto the app every hour. While people in such situations tend to delete their accounts, the tech firm always provides an option of disabling it and coming back when you feel like it. The tech giant has worked on many updates in this particular feature too.

All the above updates prove how determined the tech giant is towards its users and the application itself. Not only it introduces some great features to keep their audience interested but also cares about their safety and privacy online.

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