You can now find out about what’s new in the new Google Play system updates

Isn’t it really annoying when you get an update and you don’t seem to find out what changes and patches came out with the update. It happens because most of us have turned on the “Auto-Update” function and whenever the update comes along, our phone just updates itself if it is connected to the internet.

Every couple of months, Google rolls out a few updates that have fixes and patches dispatched along it. These patches and updates usually make the phones performance better and thus making the experience better for the android users.

This time, Google has come up with a unique feature. This feature would allow Google to share the updates with its users. This would mean that the users would be able to check and find out what things have been patched and fixed in the latest update. This is a really nice improvement if you ask me because these updates always went un-noticed and users were always left confused. Well that won’t be the case anymore.

Another one of their achievements in these years is that they have managed to make the updating process of the operating system much feasible. They wanted to get rid of the middleman part from wherever they could and would pop up a notification to them directly. These are also known as “Google Play System Updates” or “Google System Updates”.

They are automatically downloaded by the system whenever they are connected to the internet but are not implemented without the permission of the user. It asks or waits for the user to reboot their devices so that the updates and patches can be installed.

In December 2021, Google play released the updates where it showed “Improvements in Battery Life, privacy, security and connectivity”. The update that is due in January is expected to have improvements for the time zone management system.

You can check out these updates by clicking on settings> security > Google play system update. For Samsung devices, you will find this option hidden under settings> biometrics and security> Google play system updates. They only ask manual reboot in order to get implemented in to the device.

It shows that the company has been thinking a lot about its users and wants things to be easier and navigable for them. That is why they have introduced this update because this way, they would be able to identify what problem they are facing and more over who to blame for it. These updates and patches might surface every month.

Via: 9to5G.
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