Google Is Testing Out A New Trending Section For Videos Relevant To Queries On The Search Engine

Google is testing out a new Trending videos section in the search results of smartphone devices, displaying recently top ranking videos related to the queries a user makes, as spotted by Khushal Bherwani.

Videos are a big part of how we interact with online content nowadays. They’re the best performing form of posts across perhaps all of social media, and platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Vine have formed the most lucrative careers out of just distributing video-based content (the last one would have kept continuing to do so, if Twitter didn’t get all uppity). Naturally, Google wants to move towards a more vide-centric focus as well, and also wants to help users who are already attuned to such content find it in the first place. Search is the company’s unofficial mascot (no, I will not give that honor to Google Chrome, and yes I will die on this hill), and they obviously want such a platform that hundreds of millions of netizens use to be as up to date as possible.

The new section was discovered by users across Twitter, who then went on to post screen caps. Essentially, the new trending videos section boils down to a user making a search query, and Google’s algorithm revealing some of the most trending videos with those specific keywords. Considering how Google and YouTube are both owned by Alphabet, the Search platform’s algorithm is perfectly suited to dredging up useful videos. As of yet, the feature has only been encountered across Android devices, with no reports of the trending videos section showing up across either iOS or desktops. Moreover, the section isn’t available to everyone because the feature is under beta testing right now and will slowly roll out to other users.

Some screenshots have revealed that this isn’t the only form of trending videos that is showing up across mobile devices and Google Search. Other screenshots have even shown sections dedicated to restaurants and music, therefore suggesting that Google is gearing up for a trending videos section that caters to multiple interests.

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