Instagram is experimenting with a new palm gesture feature that will work while using hands-free mode

In a recent tweet, Alessandro Paluzzi reveals that while making the story through hands-free mode, Instagram users will enjoy an automated picture-taking option if they open their hand in front of the camera.

In the past, Instagram rolled out different features to engage its users. The Remix reel feature allows users to record the reels with the other video creators like TikTok duet and many others such as subscriptions and customizable grid one. When the Hands-free mode came out on Instagram, it made its worth in no time because almost every active user highly appreciates it. Through this, users find it easy to make long stories without pressing the video button for a long time. Still, Instagram thinks there is still a chance of improvement and starts working on a new thing that will be magnificently helpful for users (primarily content creators), especially for detailing and pointing out the essential part of the whole story. Because they have to make some videos for their sponsors on a daily basis and for their content, too, that takes a pretty long time. And the gestures help them to automatically click the picture when users want while story-making; they just have to open their hands in the camera’s front, same as the video posted with the tweet of Alessandro (Mobile Developer).

In reply to the tweet by Paluzzi, a person said that the Samsung device also has the same feature of using palm gestures for taking selfies. It can be used through activating the “show palm” option in settings, and now through Instagram, users of every device can use it.

As far as it comes about, why is it coming even though users can still take pictures well. So, it introduces a way of taking a picture and removing the traditional one. Simply it’s another way of clicking a photo and nothing else.

Now the question arises here when it will come? Well, the creators are still working on it, and users can soon find it on their devices.

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