In 2022 Pinterest has come up with a major upgrade which keeps the hopes alive to fight with their competitors

Pinterest is a social network that allows people to share hundreds of ideas in the form of images called pins. In the visual discovery engine, you will find great ideas like recipes, home decorating, and much more. People use this platform as a source of inspiration for them.

Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann, and Paul Sciarra launched the content discovery platform in March 2010. Pinterest had over 478 million active users all around the world.

Some experts are claiming Pinterest is dying and it's becoming a ‘no profit’ company. Although its management claiming it still earning a good revenue.

Now in the year 2022, many social media giants have come with new and exciting updates to boost their apps. Pinterest decides the same for themselves. They have come up with a new “profile” search tab. Through this Search tab users can discover Pinterest creators easily.

This will help users to search their required specific creator with ease, with this option they can easily search by category wise and the within topic too.

This feature will also help creators in certain ways. When their followers will find their work so easily, they will get a huge appreciation for doing more work and upload it on the app.

Firstly, Pinterest announced this feature for some parts of the globe and now they are expanding it to other parts of the world. The idea generating app published this feature back in October 2021 as part of their creator festival event.

Pinterest is currently working to retain its popularity among the users and the main thing is that they are not forgetting its creators. In April 2021, they launched a 500k dollars fund for its creators and they expanded this program by "creator’s rewards” in October. This reward program offers for creators to take part in the activities running in the application and earn through this.

Like every competitor, Pinterest is also taking a big step to maintain its popularity. The app is at a cliff to lose its top star and they have to work quickly to upgrade the app through new and delightful things.

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