Here's how much 2021 helped Apple's CEO in increasing his personal wealth

In today’s competitive world, everyone is in the race to make money; every person wants to become richer than before. So, in this marathon, tech company owners earn the most money and grab the whole financial market like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and many others. But here, we specifically mention the name of “Tim Cook,” who is the current owner of Apple, and people are curious to know about the money he earned in the prior year.

According to a report, last year, the company’s chief executive officer received compensation of almost 98,730,000 US Dollars compared to 2020 income which was hardly around 14 to 15 million dollars. Some incentive items of Tim are also included. Most of this massive value is earned from a stock granted at the start of 2021, about 82,000,000 US dollars, $12,000,000 for achieving the company’s target, and $1,400,000 for other purposes. Remember, it is a lot more than the revenue earned in 2014. Some official shares compensation is not included yet, around $754 million. As per research, Cook’s 2021 income is a thousand times more than an average employee working in a tech company. It is also said that median pay increased in the last two years from 58 thousand dollars to $68 thousand.

It came to know that Apple increased its revenue 30 times more and made 365,000,000,000 United states dollars sales which started in the last quarter of 2020 and ended in 2021. This is a massive increase which comes out after years. We are looking forward to how many parts of Apple’s company CEO income has? So, his basic salary is 30, 00,000 dollars with the 12,000,000 dollars bonus. 1,390,000$ from other compensations and last but not least part is its stock awards which give him about 82,350,000 dollars in recent years, making him a billionaire.

He will receive the initial part of the share in the next year in 3 portions, and the second part he received in the next year, October, which is 44,850,000 American dollars. Although, the official committee has the authority to stop this payment.

However, Tim Cook is awarded for the first time in his career with Apple for his remarkable success in 2021. An equity award given to the CEO has been based on his performance and the company’s growth over the past 11 years. And in 2015, he also said that he plans to give his fortune cars for charity purposes. It also said that the compensation boards take Apple company into account compared to other giant companies. This time, the company also added Tesla, famous for its recognizable products and development. By keeping in mind the achievements of last year. The company will be more successful in future as well.

Photo: Tim Cook / Twitter.
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