Google want to play a massive role with U.S government to take care of open source software

With increasing technology, it is important that we take care of all the systems and software which play a massive role in building us as a community or are crucial for all of us.

Google knows very well about the importance of this software industry, and the tech giant is offering the USA government to come and work with them to protect these software.

In a blog post published on Thursday, Google said that the United State Government and relevant authorities have to take a more intense step forward to recognize and in shielding the open source software because they are most essential for the security of the internet.

Kent Walker, Google's legal expert, said, this is the time of a public and government collision. The collaboration between the two will work for full financial support and as well as the staff for the open source software, and surely it is essential for the country and online world.

Walker, further said, since too long ,the company has been thinking this. The company and people thought these open source software were secured, however it's not true. The security system only watched some software while others were neglected.

Additionally, he said, this partnership is essential for time. They would come across on influence and importance of the open source software industry, and especially how it’s vital for the ecosystem. Working together will help both Google and the American government to keep rigid eyes on the systems.

Further, he added to his statement, we need to make more partnerships like this. The tech giant is ready to invest in companies who will volunteer themselves for the project. In return the tech firm will provide them a large amount of support in terms of finance and men power.

For most of the online world, these open source software are like a connective tissue. With this example now we all can easily understand how important these open source software, how they need special and extra care. These open source software have been a part of many discussions forum, since the discovery of Log4shell vulnerability.

Marcus Hutchins, security researcher, called the vulnerability is very bad for application and hence security on such systems should remain tight.

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