YouTube premium users of Android now have a chance to test its latest automated download feature

YouTube brings another feature on its premium version in which users do not need to press the download button to save the video. An experiment from the side of the platform remains on it until the mid of February, as spotted by 9to5G.

Everyone wants to watch particular videos one or two times more according to their interest, even if it is not connected with the Wi-Fi. YouTube allows them by giving a download button below the video. But sometimes, users don’t recognize to press that particular icon. For that purpose, the platform comes with a new experimental test for its android users. Now it can automatedly download the video after analyzing the user’s history and what kind of videos they like to watch more often. This feature can download almost twenty videos per week, and the test continues till the first two weeks of next month. According to the feedback, it will decide whether its feature adds value to the life of people or not. If the response rate is lower than expectations, it will be removed from the application. The new one works the same as the YouTube Music one does by translating the videos. Users have to open the app, use it, and watch the content without interruption.

Remember this feature is not in the access for all even it is available for very little time and just for those who use its premium version in Europe. And the smart download starts when the mobile phone is connected to the internet, and the downloaded content users can see on the library page of the application. Moreover, many mobile phones have the issue of storage space. So, if that kind of issue is in the device feature, it can recognize it with the help of a full storage notification, and it contains some further steps to move forward the whole process without facing any trouble.
Whenever any new feature comes out, people can see its update on the website, and nowadays, only one news regarding this smart one is seen on the site. The new one aims to give the availability of itself download to all devices, but unfortunately, it is not. A few times ago, it came on YouTube TV, and it will also come soon on the website.

Users enjoy their favorite music even without the internet when the talk comes about the platform’s music version.

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