Google comes with the latest feature for Android users to disable the 2G network to avoid “stingray” attacks

To protect privacy, Google takes another step and acknowledged that 2nd generation networks become the reason for information leakage. So, with the latest feature some Android users (Google Pixel and new Samsung smartphone owners) can disable it whenever they want to.

After introducing new network generations 4G and 5G, the prior ones seem to be very rare in usage, especially the second generation. A few times ago, many reports were submitted against 2G that this network became the reason for giving access to mobile users and their data to IMSI catchers, also known as stingrays. The reason behind that the Second generation of mobile communication came in the ’90s when there was not as much need to secure data as now due to a lot of vulnerabilities identified in this particular generation. The law of enforcement used anonymous cell-site simulators to connect the smartphones with their device rather than the original tower. That’s why a tech giant comes with it, and it is the first time identified by Frontier Foundation and gives a huge round of applause to the company who recognizes the need for this one and implements it.

Now the question arises how to disable the option? Well, by some default already exist on the mobile phones which automatically enable the 2G after Google option. If users want to turn it off, they go to the settings portion of their devices where a network option is available, go to it and turn off the “Allow 2G” option there. But remember one thing, all cellphones have different structures, So, it might be a different one. The user does the same procedure according to its settings format. Here’s a big step that was taken in the history of privacy protection concerns and available on Android latest versions such as version 11 and 12 due to the presence of Radio HAL but not in the 10th one.
The loopholes of the old generations are two in numbers. The first one is that the encryption program of this particular generation is so weak that anybody can easily attack it, and the second one is there is no sign of the original tower seen on the devices by which anybody can create a fake 2G tower and extract all the info.

iOS users do not have the option to disable and stick to the latest generations, but they hope it will come on Apple phones due to privacy concerns. It also noted that 2G is still available for urgent and emergency calls, which does not completely go.

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