Instagram Reels: How to Work with it

Short videos have become a major trend in digital marketing. People love short videos, let's face it. At first, such clips were associated with only one social network. That's right — this is TikTok. Innovative products such as the Snapchat metaverse turn short videos into viral content. The world is changing before our eyes, and the content of social networks sets trends.

In this article, we will not talk about the most downloaded app. Consider only one relatively new tool — Instagram Reels. As the experience of Instagram influencers shows, you should not limit yourself. Instagram Reels from a simple imitation of TikTok has become a powerful tool for Instagram promotion. If you want to get followers, then use Instagram Reels. Let's talk about what it is and how to work with it.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short funny videos lasting up to 60 seconds. These are the ones that TikTok users are used to. And recently it is also a convenient service for Instagram promotion.

Reels allows users to:
  • combine several videos;
  • use filters;
  • choose interactive backgrounds;
  • add stickers and other fun.
To find Reels just go to the Instagram home page. At the bottom, you will see an icon with a button. If you intend to use Reels in digital marketing, learn more about the capabilities of this tool. Check out the official Reels tutorial. Learn how to create cool moments that people will enjoy watching.

How to make the first Reel on Instagram?

If you are a confident Instagram user, you can easily make your first cool Reel. To get started just open the Instagram camera to select Reels. Then you can press the record button or download already captured footage from the camera. If you want to share a screen image with followers, first use the online screen recorder.

To get a follower with the first Reel, take a few simple steps:
  • Scroll the screen to the Reels button and tap it.
  • Choose the speed of the effects and the duration of the clip. Tap the appropriate button for each action.
  • Take a video or series of clips (or download previously shot on a smartphone camera). Make smooth transitions with the Align button.
  • Edit clips with a free video editor.
  • Add stickers, text, or free animation.
This is it! But a few more details about free music in Reels. You will like it.

How to add music to Instagram Reels?

Royalty free music is a tangible bonus in Reels. Tap Audio to add free music. If you do not want to use the suggested list, you can use your audio tracks for Instagram promotion. Another great feature: Instagram searches for the music you need on demand.

However, among all these advantages is the bad news. The Instagram Reels music feature is not available for all accounts. If you encounter this, use your audio recordings or edit videos outside of Instagram Reels.

How to access Instagram Reels Insight?

Digital marketing is based on statistics. In Instagram Reels, you can not only create creative videos but also evaluate the reaction of followers to your videos.

To see the statistics of a particular Reel, tap the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen and select Insights.

You can analyze the indicators:
  • number of plays;
  • accounts reached;
  • number of likes;
  • number of comments;
  • number of shares.
Create effective Instagram campaigns based on statistics to promote your business.

How does the Instagram Reels algorithm work?

As is always the case with innovations in digital marketing, at first the algorithm of Instagram Reels was a mystery. Subsequently, Instagram posted several useful insights for its users.

So to get followers with Instagram Reels you need:
  • create fun and entertaining videos that evoke only positive emotions in people;
  • launch trends that your followers are happy to pick up;
  • use additional features of Reels (subtitles, filters, free animation);
  • create vertical video;
  • add your music or use free music on Reels.
How the Reels Instagram algorithm works

Instagram Reels does not want to make visible images of poor quality, video with a frame around, text-covered clips. Violating the rules of the Instagram community also negatively affects the promotion of your brand's content. You know that, don't you?

If you use video templates, do not abuse other people's decisions. Get inspired by ideas and create your creative short videos.

How To Use Instagram Reels For Your Business?

Social networks play an important role in digital marketing. This is a great opportunity for the brand to communicate with its audience and get followers. This is a way to build trust in the brand.

New tools like Instagram Reels are helping the brand get closer to its potential customers. Here are three ways to use Instagram Reels in your business marketing strategy:

1. Create authentic content. Real faces are valued more than corporate screensavers. Make a short video about your company and add fun to Instagram Reels. People will accept it.

2. Share educational content. Behind the scenes is always interesting. Every business is an expert in a certain niche. Share your knowledge on social networks and get followers.

3. Showcase the products. Instagram Reels are shoppable. You can not only demonstrate products but also sell them immediately. This is a great business opportunity.

As practice shows, brands are increasingly using Instagram Reels. This is a tool that works on Instagram promotion.


Instagram Reels has successfully passed the stage of experimental implementation. Instagram’s users have embraced the new product.

As it turned out, Reels works in marketing. Brands are happy to take advantage of it. Therefore, in the future, everyone expects the appearance of additional functionality for quick video editing in the application, as well as transparency of algorithms and disclosure of insights.

If last year was called Reels testing for business, it's time to actively use it. Don't miss it.
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