Google is coming up with a new feature which is called “People Search Next”

Google has been one of the oldest search engines that are available out there. The search engine was released back in 1998 and since then, they have been doing a great job. They are responsible for fetching out data that is required by users. The search engine is optimized in a way that finds out the best possible solutions to user queries.

The company has been performing really well and is always trying to come up with new features which would help out users whenever they want to use the search engine. The programmers and executives at Google are really creative and hence they always manage to surprise their users with cool updates and features.

As per Saad AK, the company is coming up with a new feature which is kind of an addition which would work along with its currently available features like “Related Searches, People also search for etc”. This new feature is being called “People Search Next”.

So what is this new feature? Basically, this feature will provide users with a list of searches that people usually search for. The search engine would be optimized in such a way that it would provide the user with a list according to what they searched for. For example, if someone searches about “Cancer”, the People search next feature would show them a few options like “How Long do cancer patients live” or “What are the symptoms of cancer?”

According to a spokesperson at Google, “This feature was made so that it can help people to get and find the most popular searches according to what they are searching.”

The feature is limited to “Near me” searches at the moment, but the company has confirmed that once their systems get used to the new feature, they will expand this feature to all kinds of searches.

Apart from that, the company was also reported to be testing out a new feature called “Favicons”, a logo placed inside an ad. Even though it violates the company’s policy of having images or logos included in a text ad, we think that they are trying to expand their horizons.

At the moment, this new “People Search Next” feature is only available in the U.S but once the company is confident in its functionality, they will patch out the update and this feature will be made available all around the world.

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