Apple Exec goes in depth on data minimization and more to celebrate “Data Privacy Day”

Apple has been performing really well. It is one of the biggest producers of smartphones and devices, which tells us that the company revolves around employees who are dedicated and loyal. Ever since the company came into existence, we saw that they had a hunger for improving themselves. They always wanted to do better, get better and provide better products and services, which is why they are one of the top rated brands in the whole world.

As the world is celebrating the “Data Privacy Day”, there are many workshops and conferences being held so that people can develop a better understanding of what or how data privacy works.

Eric Neuenschwander, who works as the Head of User Privacy at Apple took out his time to tell the world about the policies and constraints which are the mantra of Apple. He explained that one thing is always on their minds when they are working on a new product, that is their privacy and conditions which make up the essence of the product.

He said in an interview that he gave to Rene Ritchie that, "For us, it is not about what we believe but what the customers want. We always put the customer first and we try to fulfill what the customer wants. We feel that having privacy is a fundamental right which every human being should have. This is why we try to maintain a balance whenever we are trying to come up with a product. This is why we like having a product which has great features and great privacy policies for users."

He further said that, "Data minimization is one of the best ways to handle privacy issues. This is why we are extracting data which is relevant and important to us. We neglect all the irrelevant data so that we might save up some space, and it also provides the users with a sense of privacy. This way, we leave them in control and in-charge of their own data".
One of the main changes that they have done over the years is that they have upgraded and organized their hardware in such a way that it provides them a safety cushion. All the data is processed on the user’s device which gives the users a much better experience than before.

With the introduction of end-to-end encryption, Apple has further strengthened its security which means that user’s data is secure and their privacy won’t be breached.

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