Meta closes off its CrowdTangle analytics tool for new users

Meta is known as the “Social Media Giant” now as they have Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all under its belt. The company has been working on different projects and software which might just turn out to be the change that the world needs.

We have seen that they are trying their best to utilize all of their resources and come up with their latest tech “Metaverse”, a place where everything will exist virtually and you can access it from anywhere. The company believes that they are just a few months away from their next breakthrough.

Since the rebranding of the company, they have been trying their best to keep up with the trends. They have been trying to please their audience with everything they can do but not everything seems to be working for them.

With many changes and additions to the team, we are seeing a few setbacks as well. It was reported that the company has decided that they will be putting a pause to their CrowdTangle analytics tool so that new users can’t access it for the time being. The decision was made because of a few staffing restrictions.

CrowdTangle is a platform which provides companies and brands an insight to their social network. It analyzes the platform and discovers content that gets the most eyeballs. The tool is being used by top brands and was acquired by Facebook back in 2016. But due to some reasons, the company decided to close off its division.

The founder of the tool and CEO Brandon Silverman worked with the company for 4 years but due to some internal problems, he decided to quit the company. Since then, he has been working on legislation to come up with something that would force Meta to release all of their secrets. In short, he wants them to open up the “Black Box”.

According to a Meta Spokesperson, CrowdTangle was recently appointed to a new team, who has been working to make some changes in the tool. He said that, “We are going to put the tool away for a while as the company is working on some staffing constraints”. He further said that new users can still be added to accounts which already exist on the tracking tool.

With the company trying to make an impact in the world, we think that changing everything isn’t going to change their luck right away. They need to be patient because everything takes time.

H/T: Reuters.

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